About the Farm


Our Mission

As a family the time we spend around the table sharing home cooked meals and conversation is very important to us. Most of our fondest memories have been made while sharing or preparing a meal. As a farm we want to help other families have the same experiences and make memories of their own. In today's fast paced world we are eating more processed and chemically enhanced foods than ever before. It's our mission to provide fresh, healthy, locally grown produce to our community at an affordable price.

Growing Without Chemicals or Pesticides

 We take pride in growing all our produce using only natural methods. All our seed stock is organic if available and always non GMO. We use only natural compost and organic fertilizers for all our crops and never use pesticides. Weeds and bugs are part of our chicken’s diet in addition to their organic feed and scratch. In addition to the chickens we use row covers, crop rotation, beneficial nematodes and inter planting with herbs to keep insects under control. 

What are we Planting Next Season?

Next season we are planting a wide variety of vegetables and herbs. The field and greenhouse will be very busy. Check out the list below to see what will be selling at ourfarm stand and putting in our CSA baskets. In addition to the fresh produce we will also have eggs, honey and a variety of prepared items available weekly.